Pants. I put them on every weekday


I shoot competitively. Tactical two-gun and International Defensive Pistol Association. Like FBI shoot houses on a timer with a point system. I originally got into it because I was invited by a former colleague and it seemed like a Texas thing to do. I’ve moved around so much that I always try to find a local hobby to get a sense of a new place.


I was just at a design leadership conference where a psychologist told us to get hobbies that require 100% concentration. Naturally, I agreed with her since she was describing what I already do.


Here’s the thing. We’re thoughtworkers. It’s exhausting. I find that hobbies that require 100% presence and manual labor get me out of my head and into the moment. Which provides the cognitive break necessary to stay sane and happy.


I meet a lot of other thoughtworkers with similar hobbies. Woodworking (get distracted thinking about work and you lose a finger). That amazing circus aerial silk gymnastics thing  (thinking = falling). Racing. Climbing. Dancing. The stakes aren’t critical. The important thing is that the activity requires you to fully be in the moment and disengage your thinking part.