InMotion Software

Fueled by research, driven by results

Brian Howard, John Howard, and Jeremy Howa launched the first InMotion application a few days after Apple opened the App Store in August of 2008. As the app market exploded so did InMotion, applying its mobile expertise to enterprise and consumer software while proactively researching and implementing emerging technologies. The InMotion game, I Dig It, became the best-selling app in the world in 2009. Another InMotion app reached number 7 on the top-grossing charts. In total 6 of InMotion’s creations ranked #48 or higher on the Apple App Store top-selling or top-grossing lists. 

The addition of general manager and partner Greg Meador, chief experience officer Matthew Jewell, chief revenue officer Bill Sullivan and director of business development Lindsey Harrison have all facilitated InMotion’s shift to a full-stack digital agency, with a novel and aggressively practical approach to digital research, design and development solutions.

John Howard

Partner, Chief Executive

John Howard began his career as an engineer with IBM in Silicon Valley. He quickly found himself based in Dallas, Texas, problem-solving out of the IBM Scientific Center. While at the Scientific Center, John gained permission to start one of IBM’s first certified consultancy practices, IBM Management Technologies. John ran U.S. operations of MT through the 90s, whose projects covered everything from airline logistics to Wall Street. John left IBM to begin his own independent consultancy called Aeon Decision Technology. In 1995, alongside UC Berkeley researchers, the Aeon team helped win the coveted Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Advanced Analytics, Operations Research, and Management Science. Later John and his team built an internet-enabled mapping technology, which has seen many leading technology companies license these patents over the years. John sold the mortgage software division of his company to TransUnion. While working for TransUnion, John was pivotal in developing an automated home valuation model, much like Zillow, before leaving in 2008 and starting InMotion Software. There are 37 patents held by John or one of his companies.

Brian Howard

Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Brian is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of InMotion Software. He is a seasoned software developer, with over a decade of smartphone oriented mobile experience. Brian has several top 100 ranked app titles to his name, including a #1 best selling position in the Apple App Store. He has vast experience in a range of broad and emerging technologies and was a key contributor to the automated home valuation modeling effort at TransUnion. Brian is the brains and the brawn behind KhanDB, the distributed ledger database, our block-chain technology for Sluice.

Jeremy Howa

Partner, Senior Developer

Jeremy’s roots lie in the gaming industry where he first began his career with Acclaim SLC. In these years he published many games for SNES, PS1, N64 and PS2. Jeremy then moved to Texas where he worked for Sierra and Midway, writing games for GameCube, PS3, and Xbox 360 – including such titles as WWF WarZone, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, The Hobbit and Tribes to name a few. Jeremy then founded InMotion Software with Brian and John, where they had huge success with early titles, such as I Dig It and Dungeon Defence before switching over to corporate development.

Greg Meador

Partner, General Manager

Greg Meador is the General Manager at InMotion Software with over 30 years of technical leadership experience in the software industry. Greg received his B.S. Computer Science degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. He ventured into his software development career with General Electric during the Jack Welch era. After spending 8 years working on factory automation software, Greg was courted to run the development team for a WWII online flight simulator game, Air Warrior. After four years he moved on to expand his gaming leadership by managing the online infrastructure for Ubisoft. In 2007, Greg left the corporate world to embark on a new career as Studio Director with Mock Science. Greg was instrumental in growing Mock Science to eventually be purchased by Challenge Games, where he took on the role of V.P. of Production. 9 months later Challenge Games was acquired by Zynga Games. After leaving Zynga, Greg helped InMotion Software expand their mobile expertise into both games and corporate development.


Matthew Jewell

Chief Experience Officer

Matthew Jewell is a published writer, a grant-winning artist, and an award-winning software design leader. He started his career as a writing professor in Chicago, where he discovered a lifelong passion for not being a professor. Matthew has written for National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, and Penguin Group USA, among others. He entered tech in 2007, then joined Rosetta Stone in 2008, where he worked on desktop, web, and mobile software that won awards from numerous institutions, including: The Webby Awards, The Tabby Awards, CES Innovation Awards, Best Mobile App Awards, and Academics’ Choice Awards. He was the lead designer on Rosetta Stone Kids Reading, which reached #1 in the Apple App Store in Kids 5 & Under, #2 in Education, and #4 in Kids. His apps have been featured by Apple multiple times. Matthew joined InMotion Software in 2016 as Creative Director, then Chief Experience Officer in 2017. He founded and manages the company’s research and design practices and capabilities and leads executive-level design thinking workshops.

Bill Sullivan

Chief Revenue Officer, Sales

Bill Sullivan has enjoyed a 30-year career in the consumer credit and mortgage industries, with considerable experience bringing to market industry-leading innovations. Early on he helped consolidate and standardize the consumer credit reporting business by creating a national consumer relations platform from 52 independent operators. Later, as one of the primary founders of TransUnion Settlement Solutions, Bill oversaw the acquisition and growth of new flood hazard determination technology and the implementation and growth of a product line of Automated Valuation Models including the patented ePolicy technology. TSS expanded to 6 settlement service business lines and employed over 1,000 people until the company was sold in 2007. Bill led TSS through a total of 4 changes of ownership, the only member of the senior leadership team to do so, keeping together the key managers, team members and retaining the majority of the customer base. Bill retired as President of Stewart Valuations Services at the end of 2018. 

John Sarantakes

SVP, Strategy and Business Development

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Lindsey K. Harrison

Director, Business Development

Lindsey Harrison joined InMotion Software as part of an initiative to bolster the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Lindsey originates from the Midwest, where she attended Baker University, gaining 2 degrees in 4.5 years while performing as a collegiate volleyball athlete. In 2014 she flipped a coin and dived into the tech startup scene in Austin, becoming a Community Manager with Bearch, Inc., where she was responsible for content generation and engagement with users. From there she joined Momentum Factor, a leading international digital marketing and risk management firm. At first, Lindsey was a Social Media Engagement Specialist and then became a Business Development Manager where she handled the entire sales process to close. Lindsey then joined Mutual Mobile as Client Director, XR. It was with Mutual Mobile that Lindsey first stepped into the world of emerging tech and mobile application design and development. Lindsey was then approached by Handsome, a holistic design agency, to become their Director of Business Development before being tempted over to InMotion. Lindsey is a South Austinite, playing local beach volleyball and coaching indoor club. She’s also the proud mom of 4 dogs.

Matthew Choate

Director, Marketing

Matthew Choate began his career as a journalist in South Africa working in many mediums including digital, print and radio. It was while working with around the 2010 World Cup that he developed a strong grasp of social media strategy and using this medium to tell corporate narratives. He then made the move to marketing as Lead Digital Strategist for Africa with NBC/Universal. In this role Matthew curated content for various territories in Africa, understanding all the cultural and social challenges this presented. Matthew then moved to the U.S. in 2012 to study his MFA in Creative Writing, all while still working for NBC/Universal in New York. After graduation, Matthew moved to Austin, Texas, where he helped many businesses develop an online presence and aesthetic that matched their retail and service experiences. He did this while helping to build dedicated audiences, manage PR, curate events and build company narratives. Matthew then joined InMotion Software as the new director of the outbound marketing team.  

Michelle Jewell

Senior UX Researcher

Michelle began her career in academia as an instructor and program administrator. At the University of South Alabama, she founded the first graduate teaching program for the communication basic course. Later, she joined James Madison University for 9 years as Coordinator of the Communication Center Coordinator, a campus resource providing one-on-one and small group consulting for presentations which was one of only 50 such centers in the country. She also taught in the School of Communication Studies while taking courses in the Psychology Department’s doctoral program for Assessment and Measurement. In 2013 the University of Texas at Austin was fortunate enough to add Michelle to their team as Director, School of Undergraduate Studies. She managed the Sanger Learning Center, the University of Texas’ largest learning resource providing more than 100,000 hours of content tutoring and study skills support to a third of UT’s 50K+ student population. At InMotion Software, Michelle is the primary research consultant for all user research projects. She is Nielsen-Norman Group certified and has extensive experience using qualitative and quantitative UX research methods in moderated and unmoderated contexts, in-person and online, to discover user-centered insights for digital development.