Mobile, Web, Platform, AR/VR, Blockchain, IOT, Emerging Tech

Our InMotion digital engineers are in contact with clients everyday, becoming an extension of their internal team. Our engineering services are uniquely flexible and scalable, from turnkey development on a single product to diving deep into legacy enterprise architecture.

We build user experiences for mobile, web, AR/VR, IOT, Blockchain and more. We create solutions that support performance, security and cloud solutions ensuring business continuity all the way to the enterprise level. We architect and develop platforms, servers, and large performant systems that scale both up and out.

Our developers are qualified in many different coding languages and there is no system they cannot build in. In other words, no matter where you want your software to interface, we can help that become a reality.

Quality Assurance

Acceptance Criteria, Test Plans, Execution

For us, quality is an essential part of the process. From discovery to development to validation after launch, we don’t leave QA exclusively for the end of the process. We do it in real time, in the United States, for rapid and highly effective iteration.

We do embedded QA, with experts who start building test cases from the very beginning of the design and development process. We do automated testing, accessibility testing, security and compliance testing, load and performance testing, and multiple device testing to ensure your product meets stringent acceptance criteria at every stage. That means a faster, more cost-effective launch and a vastly improved customer experience.