Research, Strategy, Design, Development

InMotion Software is a full-stack digital agency. What that means is that from concept to implementation we can construct any digital product. We can conduct design thinking workshops to help your teams develop what they need in a product. We can do qualitative research into why your current app has low adoption rates. We can design an entire enterprise software suite… and then build it from scratch.

The question is, what do you want?

Our research, design and development teams are available to create or improve any digital solution you may need. 


Design Thinking




Full-stack engineering

Enterprise integration

Agile methodology


Usability Testing

Formative Research

Summative Research


Test Automation

Manual Testing

Function & Performance


UX & UI design

Rapid prototyping

Iterative testing

Project Management

Agile & SAFe

Scrum & Kanban


Full-Stack Digital Agency

InMotion Software has been creating award-winning digital products since 2008 when the Apple App Store opened its doors. No matter your digital aspirations we can help you find a solution.


Since the Apple App Store launched in 2008, we have been creating unique apps that rank consistently. We create industry specific mobile software that’s unparalleled on any platform.


We have over a decade of experience in architecting scalable platforms used by millions of people around the glob. We build highly flexible solutions that will adapt as your business grows and changes.


We can develop anything from lead-generating websites to proprietary software suites. We combine insightful design and adaptable frameworks to create meaningful experiences in the hum of the modern web.

Emerging Tech

AR/VR, IoT, Multimodal UI, Machine Learning – we operate on the razor edge of tech development. We can combine these advanced tools with user validation to generate sustainable growth for your organization.