Sluice is a workflow management product that not only improves the efficiency of your mobile workforce but also completely digitizes the property evaluation process and enables the gathering of all the information required for a variety of property inspections.

As a platform, Sluice seamlessly integrates with any backend management system enabling companies to post and manage work assignments in real-time without re-platforming their back office to a new system.. Inspired by blockchain technology, Sluice allows multiple users to work on the same job with automatic data merging as needed and a comprehensive history of changes made during a task’s timeline. The Sluice app has been tailored to incorporate useful technologies that allow the evaluator to get directions to the property, monitor their tasks, generate floor plans, upload GPS tagged photos and fill out the required appraisal forms. Should the job be off the grid, Sluice is specially built to work just as well offline, uploading data to the servers once the connection is restored.

Sluice is designed to enable the capture of data relevant to any property inspection and evaluation process. The user of the app is prompted to enter information pertinent to the data set required by large mortgage lenders. Sluice allows simple and flawless interactions with those same institution’s APIs when submitting the relevant data.