Design Sprints

Disciplined, Collaborative, High Value

A half-day to five-day workshop that can generate a single product design or be built into a larger product development with InMotion. These tailored design thinking workshop will enable your team to learn cutting-edge design principles, clarify business objectives, establish processes, begin a digital strategy, or produce a cohesive product design. We tailor the workshops specifically to fix a problem or answer a question. The wider in scope the problem, the longer the workshop. “What should we do next quarter?” is probably a day workshop, while “We wish we had a new product . . . ” is longer.

A design sprint is a rapid iteration that goes from rough idea to user-tested prototype in five days. We conduct a workshop that results in priorities, then we spend 3 days designing, resulting in a functioning prototype. We then spend a day user testing with test subjects who match the demographics of prioritized personas from the workshop. Once the prototype has been vetted we devote a team of designers to think about only that project for a hard sprint in which we design and validate one or two approaches to a new product. It’s a high-velocity, high-value path to clarify initial thinking on a product.