InMotion Software provides big thinkers in Design, Engineering, and Business Solutions.


Our corporate backgrounds give you unparalleled partnerships in business strategy.

Our history with award-winning and crazy-selling games ensure ultimate enjoyment.


Our clients will tell you one of the many reasons they like working with us is that they trust us and, in their opinions, we're one of them.


So what do you want to do with mobile?

Want to bring something new to the market?

We'll make it even better than you knew it could be! Our team with business say, gaming expertise, and technical wizardry is the perfect combo to partner with to develop the ultimate experience you're looking for.

Looking to make life easier for your workforce, vendors, customers, or consumers?

Our corporate and gaming backgrounds provide the perfect blend of meeting business objectives and having fun while doing it. We're your guru who untangles IT and develops mind-blowing platforms for consumer-grade engagement experience you're looking for.

We really don't like to brag


but we think the fact that we developed something with as many as 7 different technologies working together including integration with proprietary hardware is pretty cool.

Yes, we have people with both gaming and corporate backgrounds. And yes, we develop mobile strategy from an uncommon depth and breadth of experience. But we can also have unparalleled server technology - collecting analytics and installs in the millions.

That's right. We said millions.


Have your cake + eat it too!


The way we see it, you can have both and we go to great lengths to make sure you do. We'd love to hear your ideas and work with you to bring them to life.

Why Mobile?

Mobile brings efficiency to every aspect of your operation, our deep understanding of business and integrating multiple systems to work as one helps give you the edge over your competition.

What do YOU want to do with mobile?